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Welcome to Fun Tree Daycare!

Every little person enjoys a warm welcome at Fun Tree Daycare!

Fun Tree Daycare is located in 4th Street which is the center of San Francisco city and a highly secured building. We are committed to providing the highest quality care and educational learning experiences for your child in a safe and nurturing environment. Our approach fosters specific growth and individual freedom for all our children. Children are provided with instruction that promotes an interest in art, language, science, music, and active game. Each of our programs at Fun Tree Daycare are centered on promoting the development of the whole child. We seek to provide our families with opportunities to indulge in creative outlets that encourage exploration and self-discovery. Indoor play spaces are equipped to encourage many learning opportunities, including different plays, young artists, brain exercise games, budding chefs and active games. Our outdoor visit provides children with an exciting opportunity to discover and investigate our natural landscape, enjoy outdoor activities and activity games. Fussy eaters and those with special dietary requirements are fully catered for with our fresh, delicious, healthy and preservative-free menu that has the tick of recommendation from the Department of Public Health and Children Council.

Parent Reviews

Fatema and Funtree Daycare has been absolutely fantastic! Being a new mom and heading back to work, Fatema helped ease my anxieties by taking great care of our daughter and teaching us tips on how to be better parents. She’s helped our daughter with naps, introducing solids, dealing with teething pains and keeping her engaged with multiple activities during the day. Every morning, our daughter is so happy to see Fatema. Moreover, Fatema has been super flexible and generous accommodating our schedule and needs and treats our daughter like her own. I highly recommend Funtree daycare to all parents wanting a loving environment for their kids.”
 Stephen & Hitomi

“I’m very thankful to Fun Tree Daycare for their amazing care of my 3 years old son. Specially Fatema has been amazing and cares so much for him. My son learnt a lot of new items and good habit including discipline. Strongly recommend this place.”

Jessica Park

“I did a lot of research for daycare and went to visit various places before making a final decision and found Fun Tree Daycare most clean place and promising in term of caring children. My daughter really liked the art and crafts projects and a huge variety of skills building toys/activities. My daughter thrived under Fatema’s care and her healthy organic hot meals and snacks. My daughter is always excited to be there and loved going to this place. We can confidently recommend Fun Tree Daycare to everyone.”

Karla Schrader & Dan Baack